Why is Physiotherapy Important?

Physiotherapy is a treatment that can restore a patient’s mobility and function due to many types of injuries.
Physiotherapy is one of the best treatments of injuries, diseases and disorders. It is reliant on using physical methods to help restore functions to areas of the body that have been injured or affected. Physiotherapy can also prevent injuries from worsening due to a previously affected area of the body. Physiotherapy can be performed on anyone regardless of their age and they will reap the same benefits. Furthermore, no matter the treatment you receive, Vital Urgent Care will provide the best physiotherapy service with our highly qualified professionals. 

Why do people avoid physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy has many benefits, however many people avoid it for a variety of reasons. The most common reason why people avoid it is because they fear that it is a painful process. However, the truth is that physiotherapy is not meant to be painful for clients. At the very most, some people will only experience a slight discomfort, while others will not experience any pain at all. This also depends on the type of treatment that you want to receive, but other than minor pains it is not likely for someone to experience significant discomfort during the procedure.

What are the major benefits of physiotherapy?

There are a couple of significant benefits to physiotherapy. These include:
  • Physiotherapy speeds up repair of the body
    • Physiotherapy is versatile in repairing most of the common injuries. Whatever type of injury that you have from back pain to sport injuries, physiotherapy will eliminate the pain from those injuries. Physiotherapy can not only repair current areas of injury but it can also prevent future injuries from taking place. This will quality your body’s functionality and allow you to get back to whatever sports or physical activities that you enjoy doing the most. 
  • Physiotherapy can improve your quality of life
    • By performing physiotherapy, you will use a variety of therapeutic exercises to assist in pain relief. These exercises will directly target the problem areas while also strengthening your muscle and improving your mobility. 
  • Physiotherapy can treat many conditions
    • Other than pain-related injuries, physiotherapy can treat a variety of conditions such as musculoskeletal dysfunctions (e.g. rotator cuff tears), various types of joint disorders and neurological conditions such as strokes. It can also relieve sports related injuries such as dislocations and concussions. 

What are the most common conditions that can be treated with physiotherapy?

There are a couple of common conditions that physiotherapy can treat. These conditions include:
  • Pain
    • The most common reason why people seek medical attention is due to pain. Pain can range from a variety of factors and different severities, however most types of pain can be resolved through physiotherapy. This includes chronic pains and short-term pains.
  • Neuromusculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions
    • These types of conditions can range from whiplash, serious headaches, arthritis/joint problems, work related injuries ,wrist pain, overuse injuries and more. 
  • Geriatrics/neurology
    • These types of conditions include osteoporosis, joint issues, balance disorders, mobility issues, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and more.  
  • Cardiopulmonary
    • These types of conditions include heart and lung diseases, asthma, bronchitis and other breathing-related conditions. Physiotherapy can boost oxygen transportation through various breathing techniques, resulting in improvement in the patient’s endurance of daily activities.                 
  • Other conditions
    • Physiotherapy can also boost the effectiveness of rehab procedures. Cancer rehab, lymphedema, amputation rehab and other types of rehab can be treated through physiotherapy.
Physiotherapy uses a variety of therapeutic exercises to relieve pain.
Overall, there are many benefits to physiotherapy and the fact of the matter is that the pros heavily outweigh the cons. Physiotherapy is essential for anyone who is experiencing any type of pain or injuries, as it is very effective in the treatment of them.

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