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Virtual care is an effective way of providing patients with medical care from the comfort of their own homes.

What is virtual care?

Virtual care (aka telemedicine/telemedicine) is the process of providing real-time medical attention to patients using a mobile device. Virtual care not only provides caregivers and physiotherapists to treat common physical injuries, but it also allows them to provide non-clinical care services such as mental health support and chronic disease management.

How has virtual care changed?

Before the pandemic, the frequency of video chatting over face-to-face visits with doctors was very minimal. This was due to old policies that failed to cover virtual matters and security concerns, making it difficult for patients to receive effective virtual treatment. However, with the wake of the pandemic, virtual appointments have risen in frequency out of necessity and social distancing measures. Virtual care visits rose from approximately 4% to 60% as a result of this.

With technological advances, most of the primary care issues will begin to be handled by phone and through secure video platforms. For example, if a doctor wants to view the week-to-week progress of a patient’s mole, they will be able to be so through these platforms. 

What are the benefits of virtual care?

Virtual care offers something that face-to-face visits do not, that is time and convenience. Virtual care allows doctors to communicate with patients directly from their household. Furthermore, with virtual care it is easy for doctors to check up on their patients regularly without having to schedule frequent appointments and commute to the clinic. 

Virtual care also makes it easy for our team to reach out to anyone in the GTA. This means that existing patients that live further away will be able to book a virtual appointment to care for their needs. In particular virtual care offers the following benefits:

  • Access to care during late hours, weekends
    • Having access to a caregiver when there is a significant emergency during an unorthodox time is a major pro of virtual care. By being able to contact our clinic 24/7 per week, it is easier for patients to communicate their health issues and for use to provide a solution or recommendation.
  • Avoid major room wait times for minor health problems
    • With virtual care, it becomes easy for patients to contact a caregiver or physician without having to go through an in-person lineup of more severe health problems. This means that patients with minor health problems can communicate with our clinic quickly to get a quick check-up on their condition.
  • Saves work time
    • Virtual care also makes it easy for working individuals to avoid wasting work time to book an appointment. This means that patients that have a heavy work schedule can contact the clinic whenever they are free for virtual care service.
  • More regular visits with a professional 
    • With the convenience and ease of virtual care, it will become easier for patients to contact a clinic. This means that patients that live further away or have less free time will be able to schedule routine check-ups for their health conditions.
  • Less stressful
    • Virtual care can be less stressful than a face-to-face visit as patients have the convenience of staying in their own homes.
Virtual care is even more essential for those who have chronic conditions, mobility issues or require visits from specialists. For example, patients that are undergoing chronic illnesses can consistently communicate with their medical professional and this can cause them to become more active in the treatment of their condition.
Virtual care provides many benefits including 24/7 access, convenience and less stress.

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