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From getting injured to nerve pain, at Vital Urgent Care, we offer physiotherapy for our patients.  We offer different services for physiotherapy. Ask our staff about the different services we have for physio.   We have different ways to make your body better mentally and physically with our Brampton physiotherapy 

* Physiotherapy at our Brampton West Location Only

We have the best-registered physiotherapists that can make sure you are feeling better after every session or appointment.  Our team has the education and skills make every patient is satisfied. In addition, we believe that our responsibility is our care for our patients and happiness. At Vital Care, our environment is welcoming and calm. 

Our staff has managed with different types of body parts. As a result, they have dealt with different disorders and injuries of the  musculoskeletal system. For example, we have dealt with fractures, ACL tears, sprains, strains, etc. Our team has a treatment specific individual designed for each patient. They will guide you to your recovery and bring you the movement back.

Treatment Plan

  1. The First Visit. During your first visit, we will ask you questions about your medical history, habits, and events that caused you to come to physiotherapy. Also, our staff has to make sure you have the diagnosis of the injury you have, understand the severeness of the injury and more. In addition, we have to go through your insurance paperwork if you have insurance or reference from a doctor. Lastly, we help your goals for you to achieve during the process.

  2. Professional Diagnosis. Our team of physiotherapists will find the source of the injury and see what caused it. They will see if it has any effects that affect your body. In addition, your physiotherapist will make sure you fully understand what is causing the condition, what can we do it heal it and what do not to do to cause the injury again.

  3. Treatment Designed for You. After we learned more about your condition, our therapists will design a plan for you that matches your unique condition, history and goals. But, you may need to get help from other people instead of us like Kinesiologists and Physical Therapist Assistants. Also, it can be other healthcare professionals like a Sports Doctor.

  4. Done at Home. We can assign you exercises to do at home to help with your treatment. It can help with healing, strength, and goals.
In summary, visit our Brampton West location for your physiotherapy today.

We believe in affordable specialty healthcare for all.

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